Not your average Gym.  Not your average workout.

‘Normal’ gyms have been promising results and never actually delivering for………..well, ever really! We have a different approach to your health and fitness, one focussed on enjoying working out and actually getting results – because when you enjoy working out…… go more often; and when you go more often, you achieve your reason for going in the first place.

Turning up to a floor full of machines full of people you think are watching you without knowing what you’re doing has caused failure in new fitness drives for far too many people. We are different, we coach our sessions, teaching you new skills, new effective moves and exercises to help you drop fat, get fit, tone up, feel more energetic and confident.
Whether you want to lose weight & tone up or want to feel less sluggish and have more energy. You might want to drop a dress size or drop a belt buckle to get into those jeans! We can help you do these things without giving up the the foods you love and things you like to do. We’re conveniently located just off the A38 between Ivybridge and South Brent and if Group sessions aren’t for you, we also offer private and semi-private Transformation Sessions run by our expert Personal Trainers.

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Stories from our members


James Hyne: Age 39

"I’ve been here 4 weeks and love every minute of it. I feel a lot better in myself, I can already feel my movement’s getting better. I can definitely feel progress in just 4 weeks, I can only image what it’s going to be like in a a years time. I’d recommend it 100%. Compared to other gyms I’ve trained in, you don’t get judged. Definite community Spirit! Straight away day 1, people chatting to you. I would recommend anyone to give it a shot."


Anna Burnett: Age 38

"I hate exercise, but I genuinely love coming here. Haven’t missed a session, no matter how I’m feeling I still come....because I enjoy it. Great mix of people, all different abilities. Everyone’s really friendly, you feel like you fit in instantly whatever you size of shape. Everyone recognises when you’re doing well so you get loads of boosts in confidence."

Want to increase your energy and have more confidence?


Who we are and why we can help you!

Let us tell you who we are and how we can help you more than any other gym

Have you ever wondered how some people find it easy to stay in shape while you’ve been struggling for years?  How some people make it look easy while you’ve never found the secret to achieving a body you actually like? Let us help you:

  • Lose fat
  • Have more energy
  • Tone up
  • Get stronger
  • Get fitter
  • Gain confidence
  • simply put, feel better than you do now!

We can help you with all of this and more!  Our training is incredibly effective, fun, and the results are addictive.  When you enjoy getting fit and see results in a short amount of time, it makes you stick to your routine to see more incredible changes!

Our Coaches


Struggling to lose fat & get into your old clothes?


Want results in a short amount of time while actually enjoying working out?


Redefining The Gym

F3E will redefine what you think about coming to the gym! We offer engaging and effective group workouts suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. We have multiple different sessions that all run to compliment each other and ultimately your movement and health.

Functional Training

Workouts using functional movement and different equipment in a variety of ways.  This follows a structure of | Mobility | Strength | Metcon | to ensure you develop lean muscle, your quality of movement and also your cardio all in one workout.

Primal Vibe

Accessible to everyone to come and see what we do. Battle ropes, tyres, the sled, slam balls, punch bags, bodyweight and much more.  Small group and team circuit workouts or ‘chippers’ providing strength and conditioning for your body and ultimately a lively and fun session.

Barbell Fundamentals

Olympic Lifting & Barbells sessions with specific mobility work and drills to teach you the correct way to lift heavy stuff with the best form!  When you learn how to move better……you can lift better.

Bodyweight Conditioning & Mobility

Built on fundamental Gymnastic strength moves these sessions teach you how to move your body in ways you thought would be easy, but are difficult to master. This builds fundamental control of the body so has huge benefits not just in other training you do but also in daily life.

Core Fundamentals

With Pilates™ at it’s core this sessions targets your mid-section in ways you never knew would be a challenge.  Small movements……big differences.

General Mobility

Can you move your body like you should be able to? Most people suffer from limited movement and asymmetry without knowing that they do.  Find out where you’re not capable of moving to and…..fix it!

HIIT Circuits

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Circuit based training with short sharp effort with small amounts of rest to recover for another hard set.  A truly efficient training methodology for cardiovascular training.

Personal Training

1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 – Personalised training creating a bespoke service to help you achieve your goals. Either working in a 1:1 setting or with a couple of friends with similar starting points and goals. Whether you want to improve confidence in the gym, get ready for a holiday, lose weight or just get active again, personal training is a good fit.

Want to increase your energy and have more confidence?


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The Functional Difference

We have a multitude of different and interesting equipment that you won’t find in your average gym or Leisure Centre. With knowledgeable and accommodating coaches that care for what you want to achieve we keep workout’s engaging and enjoyable whilst learning new skills and ways to move your body. All our group workout’s are fully coached (a fundamental difference to having a group instructor) and follow a structure to ensure you make the most of our time together. With concentration on quality of movement, you get the most out of everything you do from start to finish.

Numbers are capped to ensure we can provide you with the highest standards of coaching, ensuring you train safely and effectively no matter what your experience level. We are inclusive of all fitness levels and abilities, and most importantly we have time for you and your goals, we want you to get results, it’s why we’re here!

Got Questions?

We’re different, we get that. So here’s some common questions you might have

As we employ coached workouts to deliver actual results we aren’t comparable to an ‘attend only’ busy gym where you can’t find the equipment you want to use because it’s always in demand. We have packages and programmes to suit all needs so just reach out and we’ll help you get to where you want to be.

We are that confident you’ll love our approach to health and fitness we’ll set you up with a trial session.  If it’s not for you, walk away with absolutely no obligation and nothing owing.

Not really, we’re different from a Gym…..we like to know who you are and what you are trying to achieve so we can give you the best advice available.  Drop us a message and we’ll give you a bell for a quick chat to get you booked in, but also just to find out a bit about you.

Absolutely! As all our workout’s are coached you will never struggle with not knowing what you are doing and our professional coaches will provide you with exercises appropriate for your fitness level and ability.

Yes, we offer a creche for the 9.30am session, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We have changing rooms and showers, a chill out room complete with coffee machine and free wifi. There is ample parking on site.

No, and yes.  We have plenty of interesting and fun equipment that will challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged.  Part of those challenges include workouts on Assault Bikes, Concept2 rowers and Ski-Ergs (machines but not your average gym machines).

If you’re a member yes.  You’re more than welcome to come and use the space with one of your credits or as much as you like if you are on our unlimited option.  This does need to fit around around group sessions that are using certain spaces within the gym for obvious safety reasons.  If you are not a member and wish to drop-in then please get in touch.

Get in touch!

F3E is different to other gyms because….well, we’re not really a gym! We know everyone that works with us, we know who they are and what they are trying to achieve. We’ve got hundreds of testimonials of people just like you who have achieved more than they thought they ever could. The only thing they did more than you right now is get in touch.  Drop us a message on our online form and we’ll give you a call as soon as we can to see how we can help.