Memberships to suit you!

We offer monthly recurring memberships with a 2 month cancellation period so we can offer pricing in line with Bootcamps but a service you won’t find anywhere else. You can mix and match memberships if unlimited doesn’t suit you. So if there is something else you are looking for please reach out to us and we can discuss your options.

Twice weekly

  • average £6 per session
  • any two sessions per week

3 Times weekly

  • average £5.75 per session
  • any three sessions per week
  • Unlimited Open Gym


  • average £3.95 per session
  • ultimate flexibility
  • come as much as you can

10 Session block

£750per session
  • £75 per block of 10
  • rolling membership every 10 weeks

Drop in

£850per drop in
  • no comitment
  • flexibility

Want to increase your energy and have more confidence?

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